Oriana, the new Parfums de Marly delicacy

A cloud of joy. A delicate and airy fragrance like a linen dress. Nostalgic pleasure. Parfums de Marly unveils its new elixir – a new, addictive world of indulgence. Oriana – the story of a heroine with character and a hypnotic sillage.

Orange blossom has never been so prismatic. Seductive, radiant, powdery. Euphoric. Chantilly cream lingers on the skin. They say that the famous ‘milk cream’ was whipped up by Procopio, the inventor of gelato, in honor of the prince and future king Louis XV at another grand French castle – Chantilly.

True to its passion for the 18th century and its perfumed, refined court, with its scent-embellished jewels, fans and even fountains, Marly has reinvented this very cosmetic note.

As  with   every   Parfums   de   Marly   creation,   Oriana   is   full   of references. A brilliant balance between tradition and innovation; added  savor;  the  taste  of  the  century   flavored   with   history,   thanks to the unparalleled  boldness  of  its  founder  and  artistic director Julien Sprecher.


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