Qatar Sets the Stage to Welcome Eco-Friendly Bird Electric Scooters

Bird Global, Inc., a leader in environmentally friendly electric transportation, is pleased to bring the most eco-conscious vehicle— the Bird Three—to the Middle East, which is proven to have the longest life cycle of five years. This launch adds another feather to Qatar’s cap with it being Bird’s first launch market in the Middle East. Supporting Qatar National Vision 2030, all public transport in Qatar is to be converted to an all-electric operation by 2030. This launch amplifies the country’s vision to achieve a sustainable eco-efficient expanse and drive economic and sustainable growth.

Founded in 2017, Bird pioneered and catalyzed the shared mobility space as the longest-serving and most responsible shared micromobility company to date—partnering with over 450+ cities across the globe to develop programs that maximize the positive impact of micromobility.

In partnership with cities, Bird’s proprietary technology and operations are revolutionizing the existing transportation paradigm by making lightweight electric vehicles readily available to rent or own around the world. With the touch of a button, riders can conveniently transport themselves to work, to a local business, or anywhere in their community in minutes. Bird products and services are designed with one goal in mind: to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, lowering carbon emissions, and improving the safety of all road users. The company’s scooters, developed by an in-house team of the leading engineering and vehicle design experts, offer residents without cars a convenient, affordable, and clean transportation option.

With the launch of Bird in the Qatar market, Jonathan Adler- BIRD’s Sr. Director, said, “The volume of e-scooter rides has compounded 3.5x per year since 2017, proving that micromobility has an important role to play in redesigning urban mobility for a cleaner and more sustainable future. As the creator of this industry, it has been exciting to see micromobility become a transportation category in its own right, as an affordable and sustainable solution to street congestion that riders across the world use every day. The timely launch in the Qatari market further strengthens our stance to support the government’s vision of enhancing sustainable expanse in the region. We are confident in receiving an overwhelming response from industry stakeholders and we are here to build long-term partnerships with them to make the city pollution-free and future ready.”

Bird micro-EVs come with an array of features significantly benefiting riders. The company’s inclusive Community Pricing Program offers a 50% discount to low-income riders, select local nonprofit and community organizations, veterans, and senior citizens. Moreover, Bird offers free rides to healthcare workers and emergency personnel. The company incorporates community feedback to improve its product offerings.

With the Bird Three, the company is set to become the first operator to achieve an independent, ISO-critically reviewed, vehicle Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of 5 years with refurbishment, setting a new industry standard and enabling reliable comparisons across European modes and vehicles. Bird’s cradle-to-grave LCA report confirms that the Bird Three is among the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases (GHG) of any vehicles on the road in European cities – including other shared modes and public transport. Travelers who take a Bird Three account for on average approximately 21% less greenhouse gas emissions per kilometer than taking the metro, 77% less than driving a gas-powered car, and 87% less than taking a ride-hail car.


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