“Qinwan” launches its special collection of Luxury Dates for the month of Ramadan

The perfect gift for family and friends during this holy period

The Holy month of Ramadan is characterized by its spirituality, which is manifested by bringing family and friends together during the days of this holy month, where everyone is keen to strengthen the bond of kinship, especially during iftars and suhoors. Those feasts are usually decorated with all delicacies, through which people express their joy in the presence of their loved ones, and are always spearheaded by exquisite variety of dates, which reflect the Arab roots and great hospitality.

The wide assortment of “Qinwan” products, which symbolizes the authenticity of Qatari hospitality, has become a symbol of warm reception and welcome to the guests, and has become synonymous with a gift of love to family members and friends during this special period.

Despite its small size compared to other fruits, the nutritional value of dates is much higher. A single piece of date contains various vitamins and minerals that the body needs to provide energy throughout the day because it contains useful sugars, it is the first food to be consumed during the blessed month of Ramadan to break the fast, and it is preferable to eat it to supply the body with dietary fiber, because it gives a feeling of energy and nutrition all at once.

To add a distinctive touch, “Qinwan” has offered a variety of boxes with attractive designs for the holy month of Ramadan, which include raw dates or other types such as dates stuffed with chocolate or with nuts and packed in compliance to the highest standards, to allow all segments of society to select what suits them the best and matches their taste buds to buy for their family or to present to their loved ones as gift.

On this occasion, the management of Qinwan, commented, “Dates are one of the most common Ramadan gifts, as breaking the fast by eating dates is a Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of God be upon him), because it provides the person with energy and sugars that the body loses after hours of fasting. Therefore, we wanted to share, with all members of society, their joy at the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan by providing a variety of gifts for the holy month that suit their tastes and live up to their aspirations”.


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