Miss progress International, is the first and only pageant dedicated to Health, Environment and Human Rights and Cultural Integration in the name of Inclusion and Sustainability. The Italian Ministry of Culture granted its Moral Patronage as a form of appreciation to the contents and goals of this event. Miss Progress International – Women for Progress has been appreciated by the important national institutions (Italian Ministry of Tourism and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) that recognized its great social value and humanitarian goals. This year it will be held in Puglia with women from many countries shall be competing.

As the independent contestant, Suvidh Subbiah a resident from Qatar will be participating in Italy this year for Miss Progress International 2022 from 9th-18th September. As a part of the 2022 edition, Suvidh Subbiah will compete as a part of project based on Human Rights & bring across her Project Platform which is a platform & voice for artists and small creative entrepreneurs.

Speaking on this upcoming event, she feels that it is a phenomenal feeling going global for such a nice cause and getting a chance to interact with people from so many countries and using this platform to tell about this wonderful country Qatar that I have been a part for so many years. Big thanks to all my supporters, my family and friends. We wish her all the best! Suvidh has been in the modeling and events industry since past 3 years. She is a graduate with an honors degree in financial management and loves travelling across Europe. She has done various other courses and being health conscious as a person keeps good knowledge with nutrition. She would like to in specialize in theatre in the coming times & becoming an international supermodel.


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