The newly revamped “Sehatok” – the most well-known medical website in the Gulf – is now live!

In a world dominated by digital and technological development, trusted medical information has become crucial. All the information we need has never been so readily available, and here lies the danger.

The availability of a platform that provides both accurate and trusted content has become rare due to commercializing health information by companies and those who seek fame and profit at the expense of human life and health safety.

Here lies the significance of medical information and how to reach it since it is the most critical information being searched for on the internet. Therefore, the launch of an up-to-date digital platform that provides reliable information has become extremely important. This is what was achieved with the launch of Sehatok website in 2016.

Sehatok is a specialized Arabic website that aims at providing a reliable medical media service built on professionalism, creativity, and interactivity to keep in pace with the ever-changing needs and interests of the Arab audience. It also provides free medical consultation services to guide the audience to the best practices.

The website’s goal is to offer medical information the Arab user needs in an accurate and seamless manner, taking into consideration the geographical differences as well as specialist distinctions. To achieve our stated goals, Sehatok has also established partnerships with international organizations in the health education sector, and through a network of Arab specialists and doctors.

Mahmoud Diab, the website’s manager and editor-in-chief, said: “Our project is based on providing medical information to educate and empower the Arab reader. The first step to achieve this is knowing that any health awareness content is not a substitute for receiving the actual medical services from medical providers in any way, nor does it take precedence to consult with doctors when facing any health problem”.

The website is found on several principles and strategies that include:


Medical information has a direct effect on the lives of those who receive it. This is why our website provides credible health information by ensuring the accuracy of the presented content, utilizing trusted medical sources, and building a network of trustworthy specialists in their fields.


We understand that a human is not only a body, but also a soul, a mind, and a personality, and this entails that issues with any of these elements affect the whole. For this reason, the content on our website takes a comprehensive approach to medical issues, promoting both physical and psychological well-being.


The website focuses on interactivity since the audience is a crucial part in all elements, starting from developing the content and ending with presenting it.


The website aims at empowering Arab users by presenting them with the knowledge and skills required to seek out and receive health services, be it medicine, medical equipment, or healthcare providers.


Make our services available to the Arab user with excellence, ease, and speed.


Provide varied content that meets the needs of the Arab audience in all specialties and for all geographical regions.

“Sehatok website, in its current sections, is but a first step in a larger project that seeks to construct the largest specialized Arabic medical website that includes both encyclopedic and interactive aspects. More steps are fast-tracked to complete this project and fully serve that Arab user.”, Diab adds.

Through the past years, Sehatok website gained the trust of the Arab reader through hard work performed by highly qualified team members from different Arab countries. Moreover, they will continue to excel in providing useful medical information that can empower the audience with knowledge and wisdom.


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