Timeless Experiences to look forward to in Geneva

Geneva offers myriad timeless experiences travellers can immerse in no matter what time of the year they visit the city. With 2020 being a year of unpredictable happenings, this seems to be the perfect answer for whoever is planning a visit. Thanks to Geneva’s location on the shore of one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and near the magnificent Alps, the Swiss city caters to all types of adventures. These five experiences should be on your bucket list when you are planning a visit:

Hot air balloon flight over the most beautiful sceneries

A few of the most beautiful sceneries in the world await the adventurers who choose to have a tour in the sky above Geneva. During the whole time of the tour, guests can enjoy the spectacular views of Geneva Lake, the Alps and the Jura mountains, while being gently carried by the wind. To elevate the adventure; travellers can also opt for an option to have Swiss fondue while being in the air which will definitely be an experience to look out for.

A tour rich with culture, history and uniqueness – Geneva museums

Museums in Geneva are unlike anywhere else as they cover the full spectrum of cultural and historical offerings with more than  40  museums and galleries available. Enter the history of humanitarian action by visiting the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, the only one in the world, or enrich your knowledge with everything about nature, fauna, flora and history of humankind by visiting the Natural History Museum of Geneva. If you have a fine taste for art, then head to the largest museum in Geneva, The Art and History Museum where visitors can enjoy a whole wing full of paintings from the Renaissance onward including works by Van Gogh.

Take a boat tour in Geneva Lake

Tourists can’t cross Geneva off their list unless they’ve had a tour on its vast lake. The best views in town will be waiting for travellers and surrounding them from each direction; the high fountain on one side, the Jura Mountains on the other, the city’s panoramic landscape and the wide surface of the fascinating water view from the remaining sides will imprint everlasting memories and pictures in the minds of everyone taking the tour.

Experience Geneva on the bike or an electric Tuk Tuk

Whether in the Old Town, around Geneva lake, by the Rhone river, or on top of Jura Mountains; cyclists will be treated into a network of the high quality bike routes. It’s for a reason the city is known for being a paradise for cyclists; no matter if they are new to the town or residing in it. With many cycling routes on the offer everyone can enjoy a different experience to suit their taste, whether visitors want to enjoy natural landscapes or historical vibes inside the city or in the county around it. For a more relaxed way to experience Geneva; guests can hop on board an electric Tuk Tuk which is also a fun way to roam around the city. Many tours are on the offer to show the best of Geneva; whether in the city center or in the countryside. Chocolate tours, Cheese Fondue tours, Watch tours and more are available to show why visiting Geneva should be on the list of every traveller.

Visit the birthplace of the internet

If you’ve ever wondered where the internet was invented, then a visit to CERN in Geneva will solve that puzzle for you. Back in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web at CERN to allow scientists across the world to share data. Nowadays CERN offers two exhibitions open to the public, the Globe of Science and Innovation and the Microcosm exhibit. The 500m² of exhibitions take visitors on a journey through key installations where they can follow the path of the particles from a bottle of Hydrogen, through the network of accelerators and on to collision inside vast experiments.


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