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1. Who is Nabilah Harron?

Nabilah is a luxury bridal makeup artist, beauty lifestyle consultant and fashion content creator from Cape Town, South Africa. She has been living in Zagreb, Croatia with her Croatian husband and son since 2012 whilst being a student of fashion, makeup and trends. Nabilah says she was always fascinated by being on set, working hands on with creatives to create magical and beautiful stories, whether it be for television commercials, or magazine editorials.

2.Briefly tell us about your professional career in modelling in the last 10 years?

Modelling since 17, which was my stepping stone into the industry whilst my background is Graphic & Communication design, working at design studios for advertising agencies. For the past few years being selected for the face of leading Health & wellness international sporting brands, appearing on billboards in Croatia as well as marketing videos on TV and inside largest shopping mall.

Working with all these brands on photographic modelling, ramp modelling, editorial photoshoots In Croatia, modelling integrated into my career as a social media beauty, fashion, and lifestyle ambassador for various fashion, beauty, skincare, and lifestyle campaigns.

As a result, being the subject of makeup artists preparing me for shoots, would fascinate me by their colors, textures, and pure artistry was truly exhilarating.

3.At what stage did your interest in make-up start and why?

The reality is I always had an interest in makeup though it was 2 years after my son’s birth that I dived into my passion for Beauty and Bridal Makeup.  Training at one of the most prestigious

makeup academies in Zagreb, and received further training with Mario Dedivanovic, at his makeup masterclasses. After my training I started doing short

makeup tutorials and Makeup and skincare product reviews on Instagram on various brands which essentially led to my presence being absorbed by a

popular Croatian online lifestyle portal. As a partnership, we do weekly short YouTube makeup tutorials, mostly looks and pro-makeup tips and tricks.

Remaining authentic, I only recommended products, and worked with brands that I truly believe in and worked not only on myself, for the various faces and skin types I’ve worked on over the years. This escalated in creating my way into the luxury makeup, skincare and lifestyle market, which was a natural progression as those were the products I used on myself and my clients.

4.What sets you apart from other Make-up artists?

Relentless passion and being beauty obsessed, so I invest a substantial amount of time to research, always keeping up to date with trends worldwide and not recommending products based on my financial compensation. Following worthy trends and always updating my techniques

allows me to create uniqueness to every client without necessary following preset looks. My clientele who naturally gravitate to my style are searching

for sophistication , polished, elegant, fresh, classic with a modern twist. I love creating women feeling beautiful,

enhancing an environment where they celebrate themselves.

5.How do you balance your career with being a mom and wife at the same time while taking care of you personally at the same time?

Time management, journaling, and waking up earlier also helps a lot! I’ve reserved weekends for family, so 1 day on the weekend for the entire day we will do a fun

family day. As a woman, it is important to create time for ourselves as we are most of the time caring for others needs over our own.

Health and family comes first. So essentially,

Healthy nutrition, daily structured physical training and exercise, drinking plenty of water and being filled with self love are a few important contributors to a healthy balance.

6.What are the changes you wish to see in the industry?

It’s all about adapting to the industry without sacrificing one’s authenticity. To create change one must adapt, educate, and work on challenging

perceptions. More personal beauty advised by a trained professional to suit the clients’ personal needs.

 In addition, I would also love to see a cleaner beauty (makeup) and more women experimenting with clean makeup brands. This is expected to rise in upcoming years and a clean beauty / makeup market does exist in Qatar, only more luxury niche clean makeup infused with skincare brands to be available in store to test before purchasing.

7.What value are you proposing to bring to Qatar?

I place a huge emphasis on healthy skin and the skincare treatments necessary to achieve your best skin result before your wedding day or special

events. By advising on which of the best at home skincare products and which skin care treatments would be best for your individual skincare needs leading

up to your wedding day. Great skin is the foundation for great, long-lasting makeup.

Additionally, I have a great interest in women’s Wellness, and the synergy that exists between inner health and how it influences external beauty.

For any additional information to Nabilah, please see details below:

Email: nabilah@nabilahharron.com

Instagram: @nabilahhmakeup


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