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Valley Forge Academy Qatar, the first truly international American school for boys, announced their grand opening event.

The new school opening comes as a collaboration between Valley Forge Military Academy in the USA, Valley Forge Academy, a Qatar based educational group, who also owns Durham School for Girls Doha, and Aspire Zone, the home of the school’s new campus.

Speaking during the event were Colonel Stuart B. Helgeson, President of Valley Forge Military Academy and College, Eng. Saad Ibrahim Al Mohannadi, Chairman of Board of Directors, Valley Forge Academy Qatar, and Dr. Paul Milward Lea, IV, President, Valley Forge Academy Qatar.

Valley Forge Military Academy in Pennsylvania, USA has almost 100 years of Heritage and has a proven track record in creating some of the world’s most prominent leaders since 1928, including Presidents of countries, senior government officials, professional athletes, as well as many successful Qatari graduates.

Colonel Stuart B. Helgeson, President of Valley Forge Military Academy and College commented: “It is great to see a collaboration that began more than three years ago come to fruition. The formal opening represents the desire for both schools and the leadership involved to develop young men who will be the global leaders of tomorrow. Valley Forge Military Academy and College in Pennsylvania looks forward to a continued relationship, learning from each other, and the brotherhood that will emerge. “

Valley Forge Academy Qatar will build on this heritage, and its students will benefit from a governance overlap and shared co-curricular programs with Valley Forge Military Academy USA, driven by its educational philosophy of five cornerstones: academic excellence, character development, personal motivation, physical development, and leadership. Th

Eng. Saad Ebrahim Almuhannadi, Chairman of Valley Forge Academy Qatar said, “Our – partnership with Valley Forge Military Academy in the US (with whom we share similar visions to educating young men) to establish Valley Forge Qatar Campus aims at bringing yet another opportunity for young men in Qatar to have access to the best American curriculum built on a solid foundation. This entails establishing Arabic language, Islamic and Qatari values and history as a foundation and using the Valley Forge Cornerstones and Pennsylvania State educational curriculum as the educational framework enabling a world class educational opportunity for the young men of Qatar. This new vision on education supports Qatar’s vision for its youth, to grow into responsible men that will create a prosperous, successful future for the State of Qatar, the region and the world at large.”

In its state-of-the-art campus in Aspire Zone 2, Valley Forge Academy Qatar delivers an American curriculum while focusing on Qatari culture, Arabic language and Islamic teachings combined with physical excellence.

Valley Forge Academy Qatar fosters an ambition to create Qatar’s leaders of tomorrow in Science, Business, Social, Academic, Diplomatic, Sports, Research, Engineering, and Education. It pursues this goal by providing a solid foundation centered on the cornerstones within a holistic academic environment to prepare its graduates to become educated and disciplined citizens of character.


The school’s unique programs in STEM activities, Sports, e-Sports, academic competitions including Debate Team and Model UN, and Music and Theatre contribute to the growth of its students outside the classroom.


Dr. Paul Milward Lea, IV, President, Valley Forge Academy Qatar commented: “Today’s event allows us to formally welcome our distinguished guests and founding families to the school and facilities.  Valley Forge Academy Qatar takes the best from nearly 100 years of tradition in preparing future leaders and combines it with Islamic studies, Qatari values, and Arabic studies to prepare Qatar’s future global leaders. Additionally, we are excited to recognize the students during the parade as we present them with the founding star to be worn on their uniforms as a symbol representing their willingness to accept a challenge, desire to succeed, and ability to be successful and soar to great heights in the future.”

“Both schools stand firm in the belief that through the five cornerstones, young men develop sound mind, body, and character which helps to prepare them for greatness.  We know that if you “send us your boy and we will return you a man.”

Moreover, through focus on extensive athletics programs, the school helps students become physically fit young men ready to compete in all aspects of life. To foster this physical and creative development, the new campus will host an indoor swimming pool, paddle ball, racquet facilities, a high-tech gaming arena, and a fully functional theatre.

Valley Forge Academy Qatar new campus in Aspire Zone 2 opened its doors in August 2022 with the world’s finest and most capable teachers, state of the art educational and recreational facilities to support the school’s vision to be a holistic learning environment, where students learn both inside and outside the classroom.

The curriculum will emphasize independent and collaborative learning as students will be taught to value lifelong discovery and knowledge acquisition. The curriculum will be delivered using both innovative digital technologies and proven traditional teaching techniques.

The Academy will prioritize local culture, religion, and language. Arabic and Islamic culture and religion will be an integral part of how Valley Forge Academy operates and will be woven into the school’s fabric. All students will be exposed to Arabic from PreK to begin to build the foundations for linguistic fluency in Arabic and English. Cross-curricular coordination will ensure that all Valley Forge Academy students understand and appreciate Islam’s role and values in Qatar, as well as the broader regional and global cultures.

In addition to those offering comments, the following were present. Representatives from the Ministry of Education including Assistant Undersecretary for Private Education Affairs Omar Abdul Aziz Al-Naama, Former Ministry of Education and Higher Education Mohamed Abdelwahed Al-Hammadi,  Mrs. Natalie Baker, Chief of Mission, US Embassy Qatar, Major General Saeed Hamad Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the National Service Academy, Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Mahmoud, Deputy President for Sports Projects, Mr. Abdulla Nasser Al Naimi, Director General-Aspire Logistics, Mr. Ivan Bravo, Director General – Aspire Academy, Mr. John English, Chairman of the Valley Forge Military Academy Foundation Board of Trustees, Mr. Eric Saul, Chief  Financial Officer -Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

Mr. Almuhannadi concluded: “Together with our Valley Forge educational partners from the USA, we are committed to raising and educating young men who are equipped with excellent education and skills that allow them to face the challenges and create the opportunities of the future, all while remaining deeply connected to their heritage, values and communities”


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