Jamie’s Italian Doha Celebrates their 5th Year Anniversary

On the 21st of January, family-favourite Jamie’s Italian Doha commemorated its 5th year anniversary through a series of fun festivities. The Italian restaurant first entered the Middle Eastern market in partnership with the well-reputed Apparel Group in 2018. Since then, the leisurely venue has become a favourite destination for family and friends, intimate feasts and incredible food.

In honour of the significant occasion, the restaurant celebrated with its delicious food, showcasing the best flavours of Italy, and focused on its mission to always use fresh ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Diners revelled in crispy pizzas, indulgent mains and perfect plates of pasta at the world-famous restaurant. As a special treat for the venue’s loyal fanbase, their top 15 customers were invited to join the celebration alongside top influencers in the region.

During the event in the Doha Festival City-based locale, live performers filled the air with serenades to entertain guests throughout the day. Known for handcrafting fresh pasta, the chefs at Jamie’s Italian had a demonstration to showcase each step to create the perfect spaghetti, linguine, and ravioli—to name a few.

To showcase the various fresh produce and ingredients they use daily, a marketplace was displayed for diners to see. Jamie’s Italian also hosted an exciting online competition where 5 winners were selected to be part of the delightful affair. The lucky victors were announced on the Jamie’s Italian GCC official Instagram account on the 20th of January


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