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known for serving healthy Lebanese cuisine with a nostalgic atmosphere that will take you back to the old Lebanese times, where your grandparents used to prepare a traditional healthy food with the warmth of their smiles and the love for the old day. Inspired by these old good days, Zahr El Laymoun took all the old memories and lovely moments that happened between the Lebanese mountains to Qatar and started spreading these lovely ancient traditions to the entire Arab world.

As we promised to keep on delivering colorful, healthy, and fresh dishes that are nutritious and full on authentic flavors of the Lebanese kitchen made with love, Zahr El Laymoun is introducing 8 new dishes to the menu: Aubergine Halloumi Salad, made from grilled eggplant slices with grilled halloumi cheese and cherry tomato besides to almond, basil, and pomegranate molasses. Ras Asfour Mushroom, made from beef cuts with mushroom, onion, coriander and pomegranate molasses. Stuffed Roasted Peppers, roasted three colour pepper filled with meat, rice, tomato and basil, and topped with cheese. Kefta Pie filled with peppers, tomato, sumac, and cheese, and it is served with Hommus and parsley tomato salad.

Lebanon is also known for its delicious mouthwatering desserts. However, in the desserts section Zahr El Laymoun is introducing Baklawa Pancakes, a pancake baklawa flavor, served with crushed nuts, ashta, pomegranate seeds and sugar syrup. Besides to our new Lemon Cherry Cheesecake, a lemon flavor cream cheese with cherry sauce. Regarding juices we are introducing Jellab Bites, biscuits topped with ashta, covered with jellab sauce, pistachio and wainut. Besides to Sparkling Mango Juice, a mango juice with sparkling water and fresh mango Juice and Sparkling Strawberry Juice, a strawberry juice with sparkling water and fresh strawberry fruits.
Zahr El Laymoun provides a unique exquisite experience every single time you visit, from our nostalgic relaxing atmosphere to our traditional healthy food. Everything here speaks about the generosity of our great grandparents and our beloved lands.

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