5 Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowd of Competitors

5 Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out in a Crowd of Competitors

Separating your business from the pack is key to success in any industry. How do you make sure your business stands out from the rest? Superb service and product quality are critical, but how your business is marketed and perceived will also decide your success and growth. With that in mind, let’s look at our five tips for helping your business stand out in a crowd of competitors.

Tip 1: Establish Your Selling Point

What makes your business special? Why should a consumer choose you over a competitor?

Having an answer to these questions will determine your business’ selling point and is the steppingstone towards proving your “WHY” to consumers. Establishing this early on is paramount or your confidence as a business owner will be lacklustre.

After your selling point is cemented the next challenge smaller businesses often face is gathering the team to support these operations. This can be mitigated through virtual office providers such as Servcorp which offer businesses a fully trained support team. As a small business, having your own receptionist, secretarial assistance and I.T support without needing to undergo the hiring and training process is a large cost-plus time saver – after all, your time is money.

Businesses also receive this staff support at the fraction of the cost they would otherwise be paying.

Tip 2: Present a Professional Working Environment

Many businesses find it challenging to create a professional working environment to impress their clients, especially for newer companies competing in major global markets on a limited budget. Traditional office spaces require long and costly leases, with break-out clauses only every few years, if at all.

A more convenient and cost-effective solution is a serviced office. These can be rented at a far less cost than a traditional office, whilst still being located in major business hubs like Qatar, London and New York. Moreover, customers will enter an unbranded reception area allowing businesses to imply that they control the entire floor.

Servcorp’s Serviced Offices have a short-term lease, enabling your business to seamlessly scale up or down based on your needs. With state-of-the-art meeting rooms and boardrooms equipped with high end technology, businesses can stand out by making a memorable first impression.

Tip 3: It’s all About Marketing

Your product may be superior to competitors, but it will all be meaningless without adroit messaging and unique marketing. Your business is likely to have thousands of competitors, which is why the first step is to complete a competition analysis.

Comprehensively understanding what your competitors do well, recognising trends and identifying where others are failing will provide your business the strategic insight needed. From this your business will have a decisive direction on its marketing goals, however finding new methods to secure a commercial advantage will accelerate your point of difference.

This opens the door for many marketing opportunities, especially with a workspace solution provider such as Servcorp. With addresses such as Tornado Tower, Burj Doha, and Commercial Bank Plaza businesses can advertise their location on businesses cards, websites, and all marketing collateral.

Tip 4: Always Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customers expect and deserve excellent service when dealing with you. Make sure you have processes to deliver the highest quality customer service and ensure that all your staff are trained to meet these expectations.

Whether it’s the front desk staff, your Customer Service team, or a manager calling back, providing the best care for your client will help retain them over the long term. Even an unhappy customer can be won back if the service they receive after a problem is effective and genuine.

Tip 5: Network!

Get discovered by networking. There are many ways to find networking opportunities. Meetup groups, seminars, conferences, and industry events are great ways to meet like-minded people. This an opportunity to make business partners and scope out your competition at the same time.

 And don’t forget the power of social media – there’s an app for almost anything these days!

By creating meaningful relationships in your industry, you can leverage audiences and gain exposure for your business. It’s also worth noting that all Servcorp’s Serviced and Virtual Office customers gain access to Servcorp’s online networking community of 50,000+ global businesses and networking events, providing them with a significant additional value from their small investment.

So, by following these tips, you can make your business stand out from the crowd!
With access to Servcorp’s 150+ prestigious locations around the world and 5-Star customer service, your business is sure to succeed.


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