DINA ALSABBAGH – My Fitness and Health Transformation: From the ShapeShift Program to the Arab Crown of Fitness

In the realm of fitness and health, personal experiences can be truly inspiring and motivating. My journey was no exception, and it all began with the remarkable Eman Abu Nakad, who granted me the opportunity to join the prestigious Arab Crown of Fitness in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where I joined 13 other participants from various Arab countries.

This unique experience was a turning point in my life, offering me a wealth of knowledge and the chance to hone essential skills, both in terms of physical fitness and public speaking. It provided me with profound insights into the significance of leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balanced diet.

As part of my transformation, I became acquainted with Bioskinspa and embarked on a transformative journey through the Shape Shift program, which spanned three and a half months. This program incorporated a diverse array of highly effective techniques and sessions, including Brazilian massages to break down fat, thermosan sessions, and the utilization of the revolutionary X-GENIA RESHAPE device. These services were thoughtfully tailored to meet my specific body’s needs.

The inclusion of healthy meals in the ShapeShift program, thoughtfully provided by Zen Cuisine, served as a powerful source of motivation for me. These meals were not only delicious but also diverse and packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that aided me in achieving my weight loss goals in a healthy and sustainable manner.

This transformative journey proved to be an incredible opportunity, leading me to embrace a fresh and invigorating challenge in my life as I began my journey towards adopting a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

From this experience, I have come to understand that unwavering determination can reshape one’s life in myriad ways, ultimately leading to a brighter and more promising future.


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