Interview with Paper Moon’s Owner, Claudio Bertoni on 10 Years in Doha

A Decade of Elegance: Paper Moon’s Claudio Bertoni Reflects on Doha’s Culinary Landscape

Q1: First of all, congratulations on reaching a decade in Doha, a significant milestone indeed. Can you share with us what makes Paper Moon unique in Doha, and how does it differentiate itself from its counterparts?

Claudio: Thank you! What sets Paper Moon apart is the homey feeling, simplicity, and a down-to-earth approach. Our focus on maintaining a comfortable atmosphere, exceptional service and food creates a unique frame. Paper Moon offers an authentic Italian experience that goes beyond just food. Our menu combines traditional recipes with a modern twist. It reflects the rich culinary tapestry of Italy, reimagined for our discerning diners in Doha. Each meticulously crafted dish tells a story of tradition, flavour, and innovation. Our commitment to timeless design ensures that our venues remain relevant for years.

Q2: The roots of Paper Moon trace back to the late ’70s. How does the legacy of the founders shape the essence of the restaurant globally, and how does their vision resonate specifically in Qatar?

Claudio: The vision set by my in-laws in the late ’70s is the same guiding principle applied globally. We aim to maintain their established feeling – a humble, welcoming environment.

Q3: In a competitive culinary scene like Qatar’s, what unique elements do you think Paper Moon brings to the table that sets it apart?

Claudio: It’s a challenge, given the industry’s dynamic nature, but that’s what makes the difference. Consistency is the key to our approach to hospitality, from the staff’s attitude to the restaurant’s design. Our customers appreciate finding the same flavour and ambience they enjoy in our other locations worldwide. It’s about preserving that unique Paper Moon experience.

Q4: I understand that, for your 10th anniversary, you offered guests a complimentary drink and aperitivo. How does this special offer capture the spirit of celebration and community Paper Moon aims to foster in Qatar?

Claudio: Rather than hosting a large-scale event, we have expressed our appreciation to our guests through a special offer throughout the week of Paper Moon’s anniversary. It is a way to celebrate and thank you for supporting us over the past decade. It encapsulates the spirit of community and gratefulness.

Q5: In the fast-paced F&B industry in Qatar, how does Paper Moon stay relevant, and what factors contribute to its consistency?

Claudio: We aim to constantly provide our guests with the highest food quality and maintain standards, adapting to changes while staying true to the Paper Moon vision. The team in Doha is doing an excellent job!

Q5: Looking ahead, what does the future of Paper Moon in Doha look like?

Claudio: I cannot reveal too much, but we have exciting plans for the future. Expect something unique and surprising, maintaining the quality of food and service that defines Paper Moon.

Q6: Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add or highlight about Paper Moon’s journey in Doha over the past ten years?

Claudio: Working with an amazing family has been a positive experience and a fantastic journey. We are ready for something new and anticipate expanding. However, we focus on quality rather than quantity in our international presence. The relationship with our partners is crucial, making us feel like one big family directly involved in the business.

Q7: Thank you for sharing your insights, and congratulations once again on the 10th anniversary. We look forward to seeing Paper Moon’s continued success in Doha and beyond.

Claudio: Thank you! We appreciate your support and are excited about what the future holds.


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