La quadrature du cercle/ Squaring the circle

Created in the 1970s, Le Cube Diamant is a play on filled and unfilled spaces. It combines the circle, a symbol of spirituality, and the square, a symbol of stability. The two opposite figures unite to greet a beautiful diamond. Born from the observation of the hand that fingers are not round, the shape of dinh van Le Cube rings brings together design and comfort. They are unique, immediately recognizable creations, that stand out amongst all.

The bracelet are combining two opposite geometric figures, one round and the other square, Le Cube Diamant is now worn in pairs. For daily wear dinh van Maison signs a new aesthetic with a rounded and sensual frame that finely wrap around the wrist.

dinh van has always invented contemporary fine jewelry with a single thought in mind: true luxury is simplicity.

Rings,  pendant and mono earrings,  diamond bracelet, short and long cube chains paired with matching earring. Styles are available in the different tone of gold : white, pink, yellow from XS to XL sizes to sublimate the diamond. Particular yet iconic, the encrusted diamonds illuminate each shape, providing you a stand alone creation .


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