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Gratitude –the Essence of Life!

While the world is swirling around the winter festivities, coping up with the current inflation, and struggling to make ends meet –this beautiful phrase rings in my mind.

In all this huff and puff, I realized how gratitude can actually be the solution to our problems. In this fast-paced era, we have literally forgotten to just stop, reflect, and take a calm moment to count our blessings.

There’s this famous saying that you attract what you think more about. And that’s exactly what we are getting, worries and more worries since we think more about all the negatives in our lives more.

At this time of the year, many get overwhelmed by the burden of creating a lifestyle that inspires others. Instead of enjoying the moment, all we focus on is creating catchy Instagram stories, getting better house décor, and spending on unfruitful things –surely the essence of life itself is lost.

With all our worries, we have forgotten to be thankful for what we already have.

So why not stop and do it right now? Let’s be thankful for what we’ve been gifted by the Creator. Let’s not go over the board to show up that we are happier than others and be ACTUALLY happy with all we have been blessed with.

Simplicity is a Beautiful and Life-Changing Mechanism!

I have traveled across the whole Middle East. Though, I’ve been so fond of luxury travels, I realized that simplicity is REAL luxury.

Yes, that’s true! Honestly, the beautiful views of Arabian nights, the great locations of Qatar, and all the scenic beauty have made me perceive that every luxury I am acquainted with is a simple way of keeping my travel easier and happier.

Acknowledge the Goodness in Your Life!

Life is good if you want to make it. When you practice gratitude and simplicity in your daily routine, you can, more precisely, change your life with these powerful virtues.

And the right time to start doing it is NOW. Why not start your new year with it?

December is the Time to Reflect!

Let’s introspect on the year gone by, learn from mistakes, and plan the time ahead. Acknowledge all the good that has happened to us and forgive all that has been upsetting.

Let’s celebrate how far you have come despite all the hurdles that challenged you to get down. But here you are. Standing tall and facing it all with grace!

There are so many little trips that we experience in our journey of life. Embrace each as they came to teach us or bless us with something good. Each one is special; we just realize it late after it’s long gone.

Let’s change the mindset of making everything complicated. Let’s follow simplicity and be thankful for what we have.

May you always have the fortitude to face life being your best self!

Happy New Year!


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