GREENLEY The essence of nature

These separate pavilions, which stretch into the forest, are like the homes of various subordinate geniuses whose master occupies the middle one. It gives the whole an air of magic.”

(Letter from Diderot to Sophie Volland, 10 May 1759)

We hunt in the most beautiful place in the world: the park here is truly a garden… All the hedges are in blossom and scent the air; nightingales and other birds sing so well that one is perfectly consoled in this place. ” 

(Letter from Princess Elisabeth Charlotte to the Duchess of Hanover, 6 July, 1702)

The enchanting place described in these letters is none other than the Château of Marly.

The originality of this palace of pleasure commissioned by Louis XIV lies in its fragmented architecture, perfectly integrated into the landscape.

At Marly, everything is abundance, luxuriance, osmosis.

Today, this magic has created the newest Parfums de Marly fragrance.

A fresh splash, green and fruity, and a vibrant tribute to the power of the earth.

A dual aesthetic between nobility and nature, classicism and the avant-garde, transparency and depth.

Greenley upends the traditional olfactory pyramid with a vertical overdose of Cashmere wood in the top, heart and base notes.

Every note, every accord, is magnified by the naturalness of its raw materials.

A joyful whirlwind of fruit, citrus, bark and sap.

The surprise of a crisp, tangy green apple.

A burst of bold freshness.

Sicilian bergamot, mandarin and violet come together in a farandole of scents.

A sensual, papered contrast of cedar wood, oak moss, amber and musk.

Like its bottle, Greenley is a source of pure energy.

 A breath of spring – to wear during the day, to offer as a gift or share.


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