Interlude 53: Amouage’s Most Generous Expression Yet

Little is more personal than fragrance, adding concept and depth to one’s style, a sophisticated signature of its wearer. Even the most unsophisticated of noses will seek out ingredients and notes when picking a fragrance. But this would be an injustice to something else: depth.

Though every fragrance contains perfume oils, variations in the concentration are the key to the perfume’s quality and longevity. The rule of thumb is that the higher the concentration of oils, the longer a fragrance lasts on the skin. On the higher end of the scale are Eau de Parfum and Extrait. Conventionally, Eau de Parfum has an oil concentration of between 12% and 20%, performing well in longevity and intensity and a popular choice for fragrance lovers. The crème de la crème of fragrances however, is Extrait. Containing between 20% and 30%, it is richer, more potent and highly sought after.

In fact, so rare and refined is Extrait that few fragrance houses continue to produce the precious elixir. One of these is Amouage. With its core collections on the higher end of the concentration spectrum, varying between 20% and 30%, Amouage’s Eau de Parfums may elsewhere be considered as Extrait. Its actual Extraits however, are concentrated at a generous 35% to 40%. Matured and macerated for up to 8 weeks, a rare undertaking in the modern fragrance industry, the Extraits are given ample time to bond and develop their technical qualities, resulting in a more harmonised and softer profile.

Amouage has created extrait versions of several of its women’s fragrances, including Gold, Dia, Jubilation 25, Lyric, Epic, Memoir, Honour, Interlude and Fate. Now, it has broken new ground on men’s extraits, with the inimitable Interlude 53. At the crossroads of extreme concentration and extended maturation and maceration, this sublime version of one of Amouage’s iconic creation is formulated at a 53% dosage, revealing hidden facets and depth of its original form. Still featuring the recognizable heavy oriental and spicy woodiness of Interlude, new notes surprise and old ones have gained structure. All the richness and lift of the opening notes of bergamot, oregano, and pimento berry oil come to the fore, yet the fruits and aromatic notes feel rounder and deeper. A slow release instead of a burst. The heart, with amber, frankincense, cistus and opoponax, is more intense and precise, while its universe has expanded. Where Interlude was colourful chaos, the maturity of Interlude 53 transmits completeness and more harmony. Finally, the base components – the leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli, and sandalwood – are completely integrated and the dry down has become more streamlined, long-lasting and complex than ever.

After 6 months of slow transformation in ideal conditions in the House’s factory in Muscat, Interlude 53 is a wonderful discovery and a deeper story of the iconic Interlude fragrance. Elevating it to new heights, it unfurls across every dimension –wider, deeper, longer, more intense -and gifted further with an extended longevity. With a limited number of bottles, this one-off exclusive fragrance is available in generous 100ml size, presented in the brand’s signature glass bottles with royal blue opaque lacquering and crowned with a magnetic gold cap adorned with a royal blue Swarovski crystal. The pièce de resistance is a gold accessory around the neck, a reference to the traditional Extraits baudruchage and a reminder of Amouage’s heritage as “The Gift of Kings”.


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