1. Nespesso’s expansion in the Middle East and especially in the Qatari market, has been nothing short of impressive. What are some of the strategies that have been recently employed to further the brand’s growth in the region and to maintain its share?

Qatar is a very important market in the region. The market consists of a diversified multinational culture within its demographics and has a special clientele who is passionate about distinguished coffee. We will continue to invest in new opportunities and ensure high standards of quality and service.

  1. How is Nespresso currently working towards customer loyalty in the Qatari market, and its satisfaction?

Abu Issa Holding,the exclusive of Nespresso in Qatar , established a customer relationship management system to communicate with customers and keep them up to date on all new products and maintain the relationship.

  1. What are some of the obstacles and hurdles that the brand has been able to overcome in light of the pandemic and the subsequent economic inflation?

The main obstacle was to ensure we remain consistent in our quality of service and guarantee we exceed customer expectations in all aspects.

  1. Nespresso has dedicated tremendous efforts towards upholding its commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment. What are some of the latest measures taken by the brand to ensure the continuity of these efforts and to bring that topic forth?

We launched the recycling program many years ago along with our partner Averda in Qatar. The club members are keen on recycling to save the environment. Sustainability is embedded into every aspect of Nespresso’s business, improving environmental performance across all areas, from coffee farming and machine use, to business operations and capsule recycling. The approach of shared value ensures that sustainability and its positive impacts are realized by farmers, business partners, and consumers alike.

  1. We have witnessed a saturation of specialty coffee businesses in the Qatari market as of late. How is Nespresso coping with that phenomenon and how is it shaping the brand’s strategies?

Nespresso is an innovative brand with consistent quality with many launches every year to meet the club members’ different tastes, soon we will reveal a new Nespresso system that will add exceptional moments to our club members. 

  1. Qatar is witnessing one of its most visible years in light of hosting the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022. How is the brand strategizing in order to support the country’s vision towards Qatar’s vision for the momentous occasion and how is it going to capitalize on this tremendous opportunity to further promote its offerings?

We are all looking forward to the exceptional version of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

The company offers support to different sectors through our corporate sales department, which offers a wide selection of professional coffee along with professional machines that will ensure consistent high quality to match the high volume of visitors to these venues.

  1. What are some of the latest brand offerings that will help further cement Nespresso’s long-lasting status as one of the most influential key players in its market?

A new Nespresso system will be revealed this month. Stay tuned to indulge yourself with a special coffee moment.

  1. Can you divulge any future expansion plans in the market and the region, and how will the brand ensure the smooth implementation of these plans?

When it comes to Qatar, Nespresso will continue expansion through different channels and ensure to offer the best coffee experience along with consistent quality of service, whether in boutiques or trade partners, customer resource center, and E-commerce


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