Qatar hosts the first Arab SportsTech Forum

Supported by Aspire, Qatar Financial Center, Qatar SportsTech, and LaLiga Tech

The first Arab SportsTech Forum was concluded last Thursday in Aspire, with the aim of enabling companies, teams, and individuals to excel in the sports industry. The launch in Doha, the Qatari capital, is a confirmation of its position as a leading sports and sports technology hub.

More than 14 speakers and experts on both practical and academic levels participated in the forum, with presentations and 4 discussion panels where key topics were discussed, including: the impact of smart tracking and analysis on the performance of athletes, startups in the sports technology sector: opportunities and challenges, rethinking investment in sportstech and e-sports, and next generation of fans engagement.

In this regard, Malik Shishtawi, CEO of Mangusteen, the organizing company of this forum, stated: “The Global Sports Technology Market size was estimated at USD11.70 billion in 2020 & expected to reach USD13.74 billion in 2021, and at a CAGR 17.75% to reach USD31.21 billion by 2026.”

He added: ” Arab SportsTech Forum 2022 Qatar is a platform to meeting key players & leaders from the SportsTech, eSports & Sports world in Qatar and the world, & to discuss latest trends and solutions in the industry.”

The forum presented case studies and lessons learned from real world, most notably the story of Qatar’s early innovation -more than 16 years ago- through the use of robots for camel racing instead of children, which contributed to saving children and protecting the history of this sport, which constitutes one of the main features in the heritage of the Arab Gulf.

More than 100 participants attended the event from both government and private sectors, and it witnessed also active participation from investors and entrepreneurs who enriched the conversation.

To learn more about the event and to follow up on upcoming editions, please visit the official website of the conference


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