Luxury Fragrance Brand Founder Noof Al Abdullah Shares her Inspiring Journey

Noof Al Abdullah –The Artist and Creator of a Show-Stopper Fragrance Line to Kickstart her Entrepreneurial Journey is amongst the Qatari youth who has been inspiring the world with their talent.

Success can be aspired by the seeds of talent and hard work, watered by ambition, struggle, and a positive mindset. And here in Qatar, the right opportunities provided through the system encourage to reach the pinnacle of success.

Noof al Abdullah is one such individual whose genuine vision sets the blueprint for other women. She is a creative fine artist, perfumer, and founder of OUD AL THAHAB Perfumes. She has been building a legacy and carving her name in the Qatari fragrance industry with golden words.

Things to Learn from Noof Al Abdullah’s Successful Entrepreneurial Journey

Having Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser as her role model, Noof Al Abdullah keeps on playing her role in the development of the country. We at LLQ Lifestyle share her story to inspire the Qatari youth.

The art of storytelling was the inspirational connection behind the perfume packaging artwork.

 “Some wondered, ‘How will she be able to achieve that?’ and I would answer, ‘Through hard work and commitment’.

An Entrepreneurial Zeal to Catch New Skies

Noof decided to work on a perfume brand project. But before getting into the business, she studied executive marketing and obtained high-end business administration courses to gain all the knowledge.

An Innovative Artist by Soul

To unwind her hectic routine, Noof used to create fine art paintings that also satisfies her artistic soul. She kept her inner artist alive by creating masterpieces.

Her artistry has a unique flavor for fine-art enthusiasts. It’s abstract, yet it tells the story of every single note you’ll smell in her perfumes. It takes you to a world of emotions, the stories behind each stroke and the tales of unknown.

While working on her signature perfumery brand, Noof came up with a unique idea of interlinking her masterpieces with the fragrances she creates. Each of her signature perfumes is described through her painting –weaving them together through a story that resonates with her style and creativity.

She launched unique fragrance collections described through Storytelling, Poetry, and Painting. The first one was inspired by the story of Andalusian Princess Walladah and the poet of Zaydun. This signature line was followed by Seville, Cordoba, and Granada.

Noof describes it as “An exceptional collection in which I mixed the arts of storytelling, poetry, and painting – and added the magic of perfume.”

Launching a Successful Venture

Noof Al Abdullah’s signature perfumes brand was well-received and got appreciation on local and global grounds quickly.

“There was a buzz around the perfumes, the paintings and the stories,” Noof says, adding “People really like stories. Everyone started asking about the Walladah story!”

The Efficacious Marketing Strategy

Noof knew that a product only stands out with unique and no-fail marketing strategy. Storytelling was her outstanding strategy that draw her customers’ attention. At the same time, she devises a marketing plan to ensure promotion of her brand on all levels.

This unique strategy was successfully evident as her paintings and perfumes were displayed on all the necessary platforms and quickly grabbed attention of her potential clients.

Raising the Bar Higher and Never settling for Stagnation

Noof’s thinking is always out of the box, she knew there will always be mistakes and lessons to learn from. She took benefits from her mistakes and experiences from others.

With a market full of competitors, she realized that it’s not enough to keep it steady.

“For me, there is no place for stagnation. We must always seek to invent new ideas and stories because there is significant competition in all areas.”

Being a woman with razor-sharp focus, Noof worked her way up through her soft skills including time management and discipline. She firmly believes that these are important if you want to achieve something in life. She explained,

“Achievements cannot be accomplished without discipline and time management. Young men and women should think about setting goals for the future. These elements are necessary to mature and to strengthen one’s confidence as a prelude to entering the world of business.”

Keep Improving is the Key

Being a smart-thinker –Noof Al Abdullah kept her focus on building new skills and increasing her capabilities. She keeps polishing her skills by learning new applications and designing programs.

Noof believes that learning is a constant journey. Keep improving your skillset and abilities will always help you achieve your goals and sustain your success. And this is exactly what Noof’s message for Qatari women.

“My advice for young girls is to focus on building their capabilities and their potential.”

She added, “A woman who wants to work and innovate will find many ways to do so. Technology has opened the world to us. There are answers and means of support for everyone who takes initiative, looks around, and plans accordingly.”

LLQ Lifestyle celebrates the proud Qatari Businesswoman Noof AL Abdullah -an exemplar for the Qatari youth especially the women who wants to pursue success in their life. Her latest perfume collection exhibition at Hamad International Airport is a huge success.  

With eyes that shine bright with hope, Noof Al Abdullah is setting higher standards for business ethics through her unique ideas.

Photography: Shadira Photography

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