Ramadan 2023: The Magical Aura of Ramadan in Qatar

The blessed month of Ramadan is here. It is the month of spiritual and physical cleansing –the month of fasting. As we prepare to welcome this exalted month, here is how Ramadan is celebrated in Qatar.

Exclusive Customs and Traditions of Ramadan in Qatar

The Launch of Ramadan Cannon

One of the age-old Ramadan traditions in Qatar is the launch of the Ramadan cannon. Traditionally, cannons were used to mark the end of sahur and breaking of the fast. After all the electronic and digital inventions –the cannon launch is just preserved as a tradition of the Ottoman Empire.

You can see these Ramadan cannons at Souq Waqif, Souq al Wakrah, Katara, and Muhammad Abdul Wahab Grand Mosque.

Ghabga –the Spirit of Togetherness

For those who are new to Arabic traditions, Ghabga definitely deserves a mention.

Generally, people think iftar and sahur are the only two meals served during Ramadan. However, in Qatar, Ghabga is also a meal served during Ramadan like in other Middle Eastern countries.

Translated as ‘gathering’ in Arabic –Ghabga is a late-night supper usually served between 10 pm to 2 am. Qataris like to gather friends and family at this midnight feast.

In Qatar, Muslims try not to overeat during iftar to keep their metabolism optimized and don’t get ill by eating heavy meals. That’s where Ghabga comes in! This late-night meal is good in coping the hunger after iftar and before sahur.

When shared with loved ones –ghabga is a time of joy on Ramadan nights. The feast is full of lavish Qatari cuisine, barbecue platters, drinks, and water to keep you nourished, hydrated, and ready to fast for the next day.

With all that, one thing is for sure! Whether you have Ghabga in the comfort of your home or at a restaurant –it’s the perfect way to make memories, get together, eat, laugh, and enjoy the festivities in Qatar.

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Qatari Traditional Ramadan Cuisine

Every country has its must-have iftar cuisine –and Qatar’s Ramadan tables are known to be graced ones for decades. Traditional dishes like tharid (crispy bread served with soup of chicken or lamb with vegetables), Al Luqaima (fried dough covered in sugar syrup), and Hareesa (slow-cooked pounded meat and grains in olive oil and specific spices) are to be mentioned as a few.

We know some of the best places where you can find these Qatari delights and savories in town. Do you need hints from us? Keep checking LLQ Lifestyle’s Ramadan stories.

Garangao –the Kids Festival

On the 14th of Ramadan, Garangao is celebrated particularly in Qatar. The festival is believed to have its roots in the pearl-diving tradition of the gulf region. It has gained huge popularity over the years.

To celebrate Garangao, children dressed up in traditional clothes come out of their homes singing Gara songs and knock on the doors of their neighborhoods to receive goodies, sweets, and nuts. They collect them in special cotton bags.

The businesses have upgraded the sweets as they are now designed into special goodie packets decorated with festive designs.

Many Qatari organizations and community clubs who are involved in promoting the Garangao festival offer a variety of events to mark this occasion.

Ramadan in Qatar is a joyful experience. The traditional celebrations, exclusive activities, and kindness in every gesture are followed. However, there are some dome dos and don’ts that you should follow during Ramadan in Qatar.

You’ve to check for the working hours as they change during the month. Saying Ramadan Kareem in every meet and greet and keep dressing modestly are a must for this month in Qatar. Moreover, listening music, eating and drinking publically during fasting hours are not recommended.


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