Makeup Trends 2021 by Franck Provost Specialists

 Tips for the Spring / Summer Makeup

By Leslie Fernandez

The view of fashion and makeup trends took a complete 360 turn as the Spring/Summer 2021 runways got much creative with stellar makeup looks. This year, the social distancing caused digital shows where makeup artists added innovation. The SS 21 makeup is on trend with exciting styles to uplift the minimal everyday makeup looks to dramatic eyes inspiration with proper skincare routine. Let’s dig insome of the latest trends from Franck Provost Qatar Make-Up artist Rimma.

Do the Spring/Summer 21 Makeup trends Right with the Stylist’s Tips Rimma, Make-Up artist from Franck Provost Qatar

The “No Makeup” Makeup for a Natural Appeal

Keeping a natural look with makeup is an art that’s resonating in the beauty blogosphere for the last few years in full swing.

The minimal makeup look is not that minimal though but it’s totally worth creating a flawless skin look with breathable light-weight BB crème that is used as a sheer skin enhancer. It will give you an even tone and sun-kissed glow.

Set your face with ‘tinted loose powder’ and subtly bronze your eyes and cheeks. Add single coat of the mascara to lashes and define your brows to complete the look. Go for the nude lips with a rosy ombre that creates an illusion of natural lips with perfection.

Flawless and Born-with-the-Glow Look

To achieve that baby fresh glow, you have to maintain a super healthy night skincare routine beforehand. After all, the prettiest yet the trickiest summer makeup trend is keeping a dewy skin look without the dreaded shine and visible pores. Yes, you can do that glowing look with fewer products.

Prep your face with one pump of ‘Hydrating Mist’.

Then unify your complexion with a BB crème–this will give your skin much-needed TLC all day.

Set your face with a perfecting loose powder to keep everything in the place and helps in bronzing and highlighting your features. This will maintain a flawlessly glowing skin appearance for you all day without creating that caky base looks.

Add some Vibrancy with Spring Blush

The season of colors is already here and it’s time to add some liveliness back into your face. You can’t go wrong by adding some flush to your cheeks with some pink, peach, and tangy blushes.

Whether you’re looking to complement your new sundresses or want to add sun-kissed rosiness to your spring break trips. Our pick for spring-ready blush will certainly add the glow, vibrancy, and color to your spring/summer looks.

Gothic Black eye Liner for that Spring-Ready Look

A generous swipe of kohl eyeliner is all you’d be needing to create this Spring/Summer beauty trend. You can create a gothic winged liner look for a summer luncheon gathering. And for other days, a smudged cat-eyed look can also do it right. For a casual look, a bold liner created is perfect for that gothic flair. 

For a diffused application to get a soft smoke for summer, layer a thick smudgy line and blend it with powder shadow . Blend it further with a brown eyeshadow and then add some peach or nude color to the rest of the eyes. Finish it off with thick mascara coats .

Berry Lips to Bloom in the Spring/Summer

Red lips aren’t for red carpets anymore. This summer, find your shade in red that makes you happy and go for it. There are a million shades in red to try on –and there are some perfect ones for you out there. Berry lips are trending for this spring/summer 21 styles.

For a pop of red on your face, the key is keeping everything nude to add perfection and center of attention to your lips. Red lips look extremely beautiful with bronzed skin paired with light shimmery eyes.

You can easily make a statement at a rooftop party or a look sizzling hot at a backyard barbecue gathering.

Unusual Lip Gradients

The gradient lips trend is surely the way to look summer-fresh, beautiful, and natural –all at the same time. The beauty philosophy is to create with colors to achieve that naturally flushed look. It’s a low-maintenance look that goes best with dewy summer skin.

The accented effect creates the drama and everything looks completely blended and natural with no harsh lines. You can play with the hot pink and red gradient, chocolate brown and nude ombre, or even a pink and golden apricot makes a perfectly unusual gradient lip shades for your summer looks.

These spring-ready makeup tips will surely add the perfect glam to make you stand out from the crowd. This 2021, go with the trending makeup styles for summers, keep an eye at this space for more spring/summer makeover tips.

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