Meatsmith Doha

Chase the aroma of the great barbecue in Qatar and found myself at Meatsmith that deserved to be crowned as the Brisket King of Doha. Here’s my take on the place.

The Barbecue and Steaks Savory

I have eaten steaks served on sizzlers; I have also been served in an antique caviar. But for the power that send ripples of eagerness down to my stomach, none of those servings beat the scrumptious barbecue served in metallic platter and greasy butcher paper at Meatsmith.

Whenever I dine out with my friends at Doha, I head for Meatsmith and ask for a moist, perfectly grilled barbecue platter that consist of Smoked Beef brisket, Nashville Chicken, Lamb Chops, and Fried Chicken Drumlets served with cornbread, fries, and pickles. Sometimes, I separately order two 300g Icon Striploin Steakalong with these beauties.

When the food is served to my table in metallic platters and butcher papers filled with smoked meat and swirling wisps of aromatic steam –my friends gaze with amazement. The experience every time is nothing less than perfect!

The Comfort Food to Try Out

Burgers and sandwiches, to me, are the best comfort food so far. I’ve tried their signature Meatsmith cheeseburger that turned out to be super delish with the grilled beef patty loaded with cheese, pickles, and mustard. Another time, I tried Nashville chicken sandwich that had high-quality chicken breast, lettuce, pickled cucumbers, and jack cheese –all that lip-smacking goodness served with fries.


The classic barbecue, sandwiches, and the steaks are the winner all the way. Bursting with flavors of their own, each course of the menu stands out on its own. The food doesn’t engulf your appetite, rather builds it further leaving you wanting more! The high-quality meat impeccably grilled complimented with flavorful toppings and add-ons are just the savory with perfection.

The Uniquely decorated Meat and Metal Ambiance

For the meat-lovers, Meatsmith is a place that oozes a sight of lavishness with coziness –that’s perfect for a meal out in the heart of Doha. There is a strong vibe of metal and meat that gives you the best griller sense and do justice with the brand name.

The place effectively follows social distancing measures that means the tables are set with proper distance and you can comfortably talk without getting eavesdropping on your conversations. The outdoor seating area gives the perfect vibe of a French bistro –allowing you to soak in the Qatari sunsets and calming breeze at the Medina Centrale and the charming Mediterranean ambiance of the Pearl Qatar.

Service and Arrangements

Fills out all the levels on that front! The servers were highly attentive to our preferences. We were suggested with some great options that perfectly matched with our favorites.

As for the arrangements, unlike other smoke houses and barbecue diners where presentations are often a challenge that many fails to accomplish. I really liked that the Meatsmith kept it simple and lavish at the same time. The focus on the quality was felt strong.

Value for Money

With such high-standard quality of food and arrangement, Meatsmith is an absolute value for the money. The place offers a variety and range of food options, the luxe dining space, and the overall experience that allows you to unwind while satisfying your taste buds is the best bet for your bucks.


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