Meet Rawan Rahhal –An Entrepreneur, and a Creative Marketer

Breathing in the digital era, women are highly excelling automotive sphere. Rawan Rahhal is a successful Jordanian entrepreneur, based in Doha, who also has a sweet tooth for luxury cars.

Rawan’s passion for luxury cars brought her into automotive marketing industry after she completed her business management and specialization in marketing from the Cambridge College.

With her 8 years of vast experience in automotive marketing, she has worked with premium automobile brands such as Rolls Royce, BMW, and MINI. During her journey, Rawan realized that digital marketing is the key to bring new leads into automotive marketing. That’s where she understood and created the automotive marketing strategy after analyzing key performance indicators and PR strategies.

4 Success Traits to Learn from Rawan Rahhal

Commitment to the Passion

According to Rawan, commitment is the key to create a successful automotive marketing strategy. There is no ‘I’ll give it a try’ or ‘maybe it’ll work out’. It has to be a full 100% level of commitment to develop PR strategies and that comes with your own passion for the product.

An Optimist from the core

Being a successful automotive marketer will go hand in hand with your attitude. Rawan is known for her sense of humor and ability to engage with the people. Her positive attitude reflects on her social media page where she became an influencer and gathered thousands of followers in a very short span.

Inspiring Others with her Vision

Through Rawan’s Instagram page, people get inspired to explore the life optimistically as she shares her vision with thousands of people. Undoubtedly, Rawan’s Instagram stories are making a highly positive impact on her followers.

Taking Initiatives

Being a creative person, setting and tracking goals are one of the traits of Rawan. While her progress inspired others, Rawan decided to establish ‘Alter & Ego’ in 2021 to help other influencers professionally manage their digital assets and reach new highs.

Having key success strategies under her sleeves to excel in social media accounts, her startup has already received applause since the launch.

LLQ Lifestyle has been admiring successful women entrepreneurs like Rawan Rahhal as women like her has the ability to bring the digital revolution in Qatar’s blogosphere.

Photography: Galya Smith


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