Moncler unveils the brand’s first-ever fragrances, Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme – two perfumes that signal a veritable expedition for the senses. Intertwined in their chemistry and narrative, both creations reflect a bold synergy of nature, exploration and discovery – the cornerstones of the Moncler universe, a global brand synonymous with mountain heritage and a new concept of luxury. In a harmony of contrasts, each scent evokes a crisp, cool ode to the great outdoors wrapped in an opulent cocoon of warmth.

Philippe Bénacin, Interparfums CEO commented: “After several years of discussion, research and development, these two fragrances have come to life in a way that truly captures the essence of Moncler. As the chairman and CEO of Moncler, Remo Ruffini has accompanied us throughout the process, closely following the global concept as well as the finer details. Moncler as a brand has such a covetable status – it’s a brand that really embodies innovation, which is why these perfumes feel like the perfect continuation of its story. With these two fragrances, even the bottle itself is a new adventure, a new spirit, and a new way of communicating – whether it is to write your name, a special message or anything you like.”

Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme are the latest in a long line of inspirational creations by the House and a natural extension of a 360° lifestyle brand celebrated around the world for its heritage of mountain excellence. Built on the solid foundation of a pioneering outdoor spirit and natural drive for innovation, Moncler represents a world standard in quilted down jackets for women and men, as well as dynamic clothing and accessories lines that stand at the junction between modern luxury and high-performance sportswear. Today, Moncler, through the Moncler Genius project, is a creative hub which calls on a myriad of guest designers to celebrate different voices and breaks boundaries through design and innovation.

With its revolutionary LED design, the ‘borraccia’ flask-shaped bottles of Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme forge an inextricable link with the House’s mountain roots and adventurous spirit. The fragrance duo shares a unique Mountain Woods accord exclusive to Moncler. This warm, sophisticated woody element is a common DNA that evokes the pioneering spirit of the House. Beyond this accord, each fragrance unveils an intrinsic blend of prestigious natural materials and unique accords formulated in the hands of perfumers Nisrine Grillié, Quentin Bisch, Antoine Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud at Givaudan.

“The Mountain Woods accord is the common thread between the women’s and men’s fragrance. For its woody, outdoors feeling, we used cedarwood. For the stylish sophistication of the house, we worked with a saturation of amber. Together with Antoine Maisondieu, we added sandalwood for its comforting, creamy warmth.”  – Nisrine Grillié


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