An idea that was born in 2010 with the intention to provide clients with a personalized comprehensive approach towards achieving a better version of themselves, a Nu Yu, Dr. Nada Soueidan, a pioneer in the region in the world of cosmetic dermatology and laser surgery launched Nu Yu MediSpa with its first branch in Lebanon.  Soon after and based on their shared entrepreneurial nature, Mrs. Mona Al Misned and Dr. Nada Soueidan decided to bring this new model to the heart of Qatar and launched the first branch of Nu Yu MediSpa in Markhiya, Doha in 2012.   In 2019, they proudly opened their second branch in Khraytiyyat to offer convenience to clients across the city.

Unlike a traditional medical spa, Nu Yu MediSpa is a physician-directed, personal enhancement medico-aesthetic center. Traditional medicine focuses on adding years to your life, however, Nu Yu MediSpa’s aesthetic and comprehensive approach has flipped the coin to add life to these years. The difference is brought not only with traditional medicine, but also traditional spa.

While a traditional spa only offers comfort and luxury, a medical spa offers medical procedures to enhance the aspects that amplify the beauty of an individual. The center has always prioritized bringing the most qualified consultants and professionals to offer an unparalleled range of leading consultations and treatments to redefine both inner and outer beauty. 

This stems from the approach that perceived beauty is a comprehensive and personalized approach inclusive of Face, Body and Mind and with this, Nu Yu MediSpa affords clients the expertise of dermatology, laser surgery, plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery for eye-enhancing procedures, dental services, psychotherapy, nutritional advice, physiotherapy, slimming treatments coupled with recommended meal plans from Evergreen Organics, facial treatments, and many more. In 2023, Nu Yu MediSpa will proudly be adding integrative medicine, facial plastics and ENT addressing sleep apnea and sinus-related issues to its wide array of services to offer even more comprehensive services.

Nu Yu MediSpa goes to great lengths to create and offer the latest treatments that are minimally invasive, less painful, and give long-lasting results.  It prides itself on its patient-centric approach to treatment in concordance with the highest standards and an exceptional experience in every step of a client’s journey to a Nu Yu!


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