On the occasion of International Women’s Day La Difference Public Relations in collaboration with Eiwan Al Gassar present “FEMINAE”

20 Arab female artists from 18 different Arab countries from March 8th to 22nd

FEMINAE means Women in Latin and it is the title of a very special exhibition made by women for women from the 8th until the 22nd of March. The exhibition purpose is to highlight female art and to unite women through art. FEMINAE is an open door between cultures; twenty Arab countries are represented through twenty Arab female artists.

Eiwan Al Gassar is an innovative, dynamic and community-engaged space fostering creatives in Qatar to celebrate art and design in all its broad aspects. The curator of the exhibition, artist Bachir Mohamad, highlights the Arab culture one more time in his vision, and invites the local and the international community to experience a different exposition where varied nationalities, mentalities and views showcase different styles and techniques under one roof.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day the organizers paid tribute to Wafika Sultan Al-Essa and Hossa Al Muraikhi, both the first Qatari visual artists and innovators in the local world of arts. Their work in traditional and contemporary painting uses oil, acrylics and mixed techniques; and encouraged the evolution of the Qatari women in the arts.

On this occasion, Mrs. Abir Al-Darwish, the CEO of Al-Darwish Jewelry, said, “Al-Darwish Jewelry believes in the importance of social corporate responsibility. In order to shed light on humanitarian issues, which are at the core of our vision, and one of our main goals, we have cooperated with the team of Kul in the State of Kuwait, which is the youth initiative that runs a project to support women affected by wars.”

“Therefore, we decided to launch today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, a piece of jewelry we named “For Her- Li Ajliha”, which embodies in its design the shape of the hands. This is a symbol of women’s heroism in times of war, those women who faced a lot to survive with determination, willpower and hope” she added.

“The “For Her- Li Ajliha”, piece of jewellery was specially designed for this initiative in cooperation with the renowned artist Bashir Muhammad, so that all of its proceeds go to implement the program in northern Syria, where the purchase of this piece contributes to financially and morally supporting women, and saving children from the scourge of war through the rehabilitation of previously detained women,” she concluded.

The exhibition also hosts three special outfits of the Fashion Trust Arabia finalists 2021, and the winner from guest country Colombia: A New Cross, Alado and Laura Laurens. The exceptional ability of these designers and the strong message behind their hand-made collections, using natural or recycled materials it is just the beginning of a new generation of artists flourishing in the world. Their outfits will be sold in the new Amici Di Moda store that will be launched by the Amal Ameen Group in the coming months.

Special thanks to the sponsors and supporters of the event:  Al Darwish Jewellery, Eiwan Al Gassar, Bluribbon Design Atelier, La Difference Public Relations Doha Women Forum, the St. Regis Hotel, Hair Couture Salon, Amal Ameen Group, Amici di Moda, NGO Li Ajliha – Kul Kuwait.


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