Elias Haddad – We Tried the Saturday Roast Lunch at STK-Doha

The Team LLQ Lifestyle was fortunate enough to grab the weekend famous lunch at The Ritz-Carlton, Doha.

By Elias Haddad

As I cast my eye over the picturesque landscape of Doha, my eyes sparkle with the glint of the Ritz Carlton Hotel that stands tall holding several outstanding Venues and the modern steakhouse and lounge STK-Doha is amongst them.

But then again, I was glancing in the midday sun on the 23rd floor of The Ritz-Carlton, Doha one fine Saturday lunchtime as the golden rays shine over the sophisticated building and bouncing over everything including my sparkling water.

I was here with my friends to enjoy the Saturday Roast –the famous menu that is taking a hype around the Doha suburbs. This special weekend menu is a collaboration of brisket and USDA Prime rib eye roast served in Yorkshire pudding, roasted veggies, STK sauces, completed with lip-smacking desserts.

The combination seems to be keeping the duo almost everything roasted, braised, and baked and been eminent as all the tables were taken, and booking in advance is thus essential.

The Saturday Roast by STK Doha – An Honest Review by LLQ Lifestyle

For a quick recall, STK-Doha is a luxury steakhouse and modern lounge curated by executive chefs. The brand takes inspiration from western food and creates its own unique menu according to the local taste. The iconic Ritz-Carlton, Doha is renowned for its outstanding breakfast, brunch, drinks, and Afternoon Tea menu served in the most stylish of surroundings.

We were seated in a comfortable area before starting our late morning, the only way we know –with a fine cup of coffee. The high ceilinged lounge is alive with the happy chirps of conversation from people enjoying the weekend after a hectic workweek.

After refueling ourselves with the much-needed coffee, we ordered the complete Saturday Roast menu to get a true feel. Well, that sure sounds like a better excuse anyway than just feeling excited at the affluence of available options.

As the menu has two options for the main course, we ordered both out of curiosity and our excitement, to say the least.

The order came on time, the wait was worth every minute as the staff served everything hot and properly plated. I had several roast menu before, served in fancy platters, but the way STK-Doha is serving their Saturday Roast is just outclass. I just can’t wait to admire the exclusivity shown in the serving style. Ten on ten from my side!



The Main Course –Roasted Brisket and Ribeye

As the main course consists of the brisket and USDA prime Ribeye, so let’s talk about them first.

For me, a giant roasted brisket is basically the best way to show love to your friends and family through a dish.

It was a beautifully tender piece of roasted meat that was perfectly done and well-roasted. The seasoning was generous to perfection. This was literally that ‘comfort food’ we all craved for.

On the other hand, the USDA prime ribeye was also bursting with flavors due to its tenderness and juicy texture. It was one high-quality standing rib roast. This beauty was served with savory Yorkshire pudding. Made from the same batter as popovers poured into cups. The chef here knew the key to a good Yorkshire pudding that is served immediately out of the oven and puffed it up really nice.

My verdict: The mains were definitely the showstoppers for the weekend. Absolutely fantastic!

The Hearty Siders

The greens were just as good!

The STK-Doha got it absolutely right. The roasted baby potatoes practically melted in my mouth, and the seasonal greens were flavored to absolute perfection. Mac and cheese truffle has all the essential flavors. Also, the serving was huge, it was a generous starter.

And I’d go back to STK-Doha just to have them again.

The Delightful Desserts

After having all the roasted goodness, we were served with a creamy, gorgeous, crack-free slice of New York cheesecake. Truth be told here, the New York’s take on cheesecake isn’t that easy as it seems to be. Only the experienced chef can make it to this perfection where it isn’t cracked, over, or undercooked.

The cheesecake here was baked with perfection, plated beautifully, and tasted awesome!

The second dessert was the warm chocolate chip cookie –a timeless classic and an unparalleled favorite! It was extra soft and thick. 

So, here’s my take on the Saturday Roast by the STK-Doha. The roasts were incredibly tender and perfectly cooked to nice well-done and without any over-drying. The meat was juicy and full of flavors. The savors of greens were rich and the serving was good enough to fill you up. The ambiance was absolutely weekend vibrant with the friendly staff to host us.

If you want to make the most of your weekend midday hours then you must try the STK Doha’s new wholesome Saturday Roast menu. I bet I could eat them for days!



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