The Compelling Strategy of Mr Julien Gonzalvez – the General Manager of Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha

By Leslie Fernandez

The general manager role is all-inclusive where he/she is largely responsible to run the hotel successfully. From sales and marketing, events, operations, and maintenance, to customer support – the general management fulfills it all.

The increasing focus on guest’s personal experiences in the hotel industry has also evolved the general management role. To be successful especially during pandemic times, implementing certain traits are crucial for a successful business.

Julien Gonzalvez –newly appointed General Manager of Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha shares his success traits with us. Let’s discover the brilliant strategies of Oryx Doha’s general management.

About the General Manager

The hotel management expert has successfully managed multiple upper-upscale and luxury Hyatt Properties since 2012. It gives us a clear view of why he has been appointed to lead and apply his expertise at Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha hotel.

The Challenges

The pandemic has brought a huge toll to the hotel industry where maintaining a completely safe environment for the visitors, guests, and staff is the first and foremost challenge.

Moreover, the Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha looks forward to providing seamless and personalized experiences for its guests during the FIFA World Cup 2022 as well as offering the perfect destination for both business and leisure travellers alike. Therefore, the management has to gear up to welcome the events after lockdowns.

Since the Oryx hotel has developed an upright reputation in Qatar, the expectations are already high when it comes to hosting destination travellers.

10 Management Strategies to Learn From Julien Gonzalvez -The General Manager of Hyatt Regency Hotel Oryx Doha

Bringing the brand to life


Julien’s main strategy is to bring the brand to life. Innovative menus and culinary options are on priority to leverage the already-built reputation of the Oryx Hotel. The property renovation is already in the pipeline to provide an updated and modern venue experience to the guests.

Sharing vibrant dining experiences

Julien has also shared about the hotel creating new culinary scenes in all of their food and beverage venues. The hotel have recently brought back some of the well-known dining themes such as seafood night at their all day dining restaurant, Choices and the most requested mussels night at The Cellar, while adding Hyatt Regency touch. Brand new themes at three of their dining outlets were recently launched; Cosmopolitan Friday Brunch at Choices; for which the outlet have received great reviews till this day, Vino y Tapas at The Cellar and the new Al Nafourah Garden menu.   

To further strengthen the hotel’s food and beverage experiences, the hotel have just appointed and welcomed a new Executive Chef. The newly appointed Chef has a versatile culinary experience of Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines that will enhance the experiences of the guests and will lead the hotel’s talented chefs on contributing success to the hotel.

Understanding the Guests Needs

According to Julien, care is the key to success. “You always have to put yourself in other’s shoes to become successful in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s a comfortable stay or a scrumptious dining experience –always see the things from the guests’ perspective and use the vision to cater to their needs.”

Hyatt Regency Hotels are known for providing seamless and intimate experiences for every occasion. They are built for ‘ambitious loyalists’ –the ones that always require unparalleled and finesse experience every time.

The General Manager – Julien Gonzalvez understands the hospitality needs and made sure that the guests are comfortable to be focused and productive. The hotel provides a relaxing ambiance that allows the guests to connect with others and get flawless event executions.

Matching the High Expectations for FIFA World Cup 2022

The much awaited event is right on the corner and surely is an opportunity to showcase the Hyatt Regency Oryx Hotel’s signature experiences. The hotel’s GM is optimistic in supporting Qatar as a sports destination on the world map through their unparalleled hospitality.

With Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha’s close proximity to the airport and Doha international sports venues, the hotel will be the perfect venue for sports group traveling to the country.

“There will be high expectations and we are ready for it”, stated by Julien Gonzalvez.

Taking New Initiatives

The hotel’s general manager has started the groundwork of the hotel renovations. The goal is to introduce a gradual renewals where new rooms are the first.

The Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha will also be renovating its event venues by giving them a revamp and complete enhancement.

Management Style

Julien Gonzalvez is a very easy person to work with. His work ethics are on point with two-way communication and swift workflow for the go. Julien believes that diversity in the workplace promotes equality.

That’s why the GM of Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha has acquired a strong, balanced and passionate professionals to achieve all the hotel goals.

He facilitates his team by providing the right tools and training to fulfill their job roles successfully. Julien also prioritizes his team’s wellbeing by keeping a healthy work environment so that they can work with ease.

Instilling Trust within the Team and Staff

Julien is known for his clear communication. He believes in teamwork, respect, and providing everyone the chance to state their point of view. His team knows exactly what he means which reflects their understanding to guest expectations when travelling to Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha.

The COVID-19 Dealing Strategy

Despite the ongoing restrictions and strict SOP follow-ups due to COVID-19 Pandemic, Oryx Doha has successfully obtained Qatar Clean Program and GBAC certification. Julien and his team worked really hard and maintained attention to detail in order to keep a virus-free, highly sanitized, and healthy environment of the hotel.

Launched Welcome Home Package with Discover Qatar

The hotel has successfully implemented the Welcome Home package so that the guests can enjoy their stay, get that homely feeling while staying away from their homes. From checking-in the cozy rooms, to the diverse menus for a seamless experience – the hotel makes sure to take care of the guests with thorough attention.

The Successful Rebranding of Hyatt Regency Hotel under the Leadership of Julien Gonzalvez

Julien Gonzalvez has efficiently played his role in rebranding the first Hyatt Regency Hotel in Qatar. Within a year, the hotel is expected to be acknowledged on the local and international front. No doubt, Julien’s leadership will be taking the business to the right track and will help on influencing and creating a reputation for Hyatt Regency Oryx Doha to be recognised as one of the preferred business destination in Doha.

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