Vodafone Qatar’s 5G network has launched in Mall of Qatar, making it the first mall in Qatar and amongst the few in the world to benefit from this advanced technology. The launch marks the latest milestone in Vodafone ‘Qatar’s rapidly expanding 5G roll-out and in its efforts to support the Nation as it becomes one of the most digitally connected in the world.

Mall of Qatar encompasses more than 500 world-class retail of innovative shopping, top-notch recreation, and leisure options. Vodafone 5G will accelerate the Mall of Qatar’s digital transformation, opening exciting possibilities for shoppers and retailers.

5G’s incredibly fast speed, ultra-low latency, and huge capacity are very well suited for malls that gather large crowds of users. The retail industry is set to be one of the big beneficiaries of 5G by offering them faster connections and more capacity to customers and caters to opportunities to create enhanced customer experiences.  These include the ability to utilize Augmented Reality (A.R.) and Virtual Reality (V.R.), facial and video recognition, and tailored in-store signage and entertainment experiences. 5G will also enable greater control over stock levels and supply chain, improved customer insights thanks to video analytics of customer behavior, and in-store robotics to better handle item movements and placements in the retail environment.

Vodafone Qatar is playing a leading role in the deployment and commercial availability of 5G- its extensive 5G network covers key locations across the country. It has launched the first ‘Unlimited 5G ‘ Plans’. Vodafone Qatar also offers several 5G devices that are on display and can be purchased from its flagship store in the Mall of Qatar.

Mall of Qatar, the Nation’s mall, is one of the main pillars in the retail and tourism sector in Qatar. The Mall promises a world-class shopping experience, outstanding dining, unique entertainment, and strives to be the ultimate destination for visitors, shoppers, and families to enjoy the best of everything in one place.


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