Elias Haddad – Editor’s Note, Issue 21

“You aren’t just a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.” -Rumi

I know maintaining inner peace sometimes gets difficult, especially amidst such chaotic times. When you heard bad news, your inner peace gets disturbed. It happens, and it happens to anyone. The thing is to get back to your self-concord.

Here, I want to clarify that being happy and keeping your inner peace are two different things. When you experience painful or difficult things, you surely won’t feel happy. However, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your peace.

Underneath those tears and grief, you can still remain calm, uphold your steadiness, and hang in there –regardless of the circumstances.

Maintaining your inner peace while confronting with the testing situations means able to move on and let go. Getting caught in emotions is humane, but not holding on to that is what one should do –to keep yourself at peace.

Remember, tough times come, and then they pass. Just like a running water stream, let that pass away.


The most powerful virtue a human can own is gratification.

Being thankful for everything eventually attracts all the positive and good things towards yourself.

See, struggle is a recurrent feature of life. We strive to win our battles till the last breathe. But fighting your battles with a true sense of gratification for being able to do and strive what you wanted for is a blessing that isn’t available to all.

So, it calls for being thankful for everything you receive in life. (Blessings come in disguise!)

I’m beyond moved and honored to coming this far. A journey of great storytelling through LLQ Lifestyle, the support I received from my family, friends, and colleagues, and brands, and the love of my readers for my craft.

I’m also really excited about the direction I’ve taken LLQ Lifestyle. It’s been a long road. But, all those sleepless nights, long hours curating and crafting are truly something worth waiting for.

Creating a visual delight for LLQ Lifestyle audience is exactly what I strive to do.

I look forward to what’s coming next. Stay tuned for our upcoming spring and Ramadan issues –they’ll be something to treasure and sensational.

Sending everyone love and wishes always.

Elias Haddad


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